Dairy Queen Menu Prices



Dairy Queen Blizzards

- Average Dairy Queen Menu Prices: $2.80 – $3.75

This is a line of flavored ice creams that is very popular among Dairy Queen customers and here are the various kinds of blizzards. The candy cravers Blizzards have chunks of candy  in them while the Chocoholics Blizzards are a group of chocolate-based flavored ice creams. The Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard combines ice cream with brownies and pecans while the Midnight Truffle Blizzard has truffle chunks in it. Cookie Lovers Blizzards contain cookie chunks and the fruit Blizzards are also a favorite with customers.

Royal Treats

- Average Dairy Queen Menu Prices: $2.50 – $4.80

 Dairy Queen also has what is known as Royal Treats, and these are delicious sundaes with toppings. The Oreo Brownie Earthquake is a brownie sundae with brownies, hot fudge sauce and a marshmallow topping. The banana split is served with soft ice cream, fruit toppings, chocolate toppings, bananas and whipped cream. The Peanut  Buster is a parfait that has plenty of peanuts, chocolate and whipped cream along with hot fudge sauce on top of ice cream.

Cones and Waffle Cones

- Average Dairy Queen Menu Prices: $0.79 – $3.80

 The chocolate-dipped cone is a cone that has chocolate-dipped ice cream inside of it while the Turtle Waffle Sundae is a sundae that has ice cream, caramel sauce and nuts in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone. The chocolate-covered strawberries waffle sundae has hot fudge sauce, chocolate-covered strawberries and fruit topping inside a waffle cone. The fudge brownie temptation waffle sundae contains brownies, whipped cream and ice cream in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone.

Ways to Eat Healthy at Dairy Queen

- Average Dairy Queen Menu Prices: $1.00 – $5.00

 Here is how you can eat healthy while at Dairy Queen. You and the family can order the reduced fat ice cream since this drastically cuts back on the calories you would consume with a regular order of ice cream. Instead of ordering French fries at Dairy Queen you can order a salad with fat-free dressing and no extra toppings such as cheese or sour cream. Order grilled chicken sandwiches instead of the fried versions and order water or tea instead of a soft drink.

Calories in Menu Items

 The Dairy Queen burgers have 400 calories, 680 grams of sodium while some of their ice cream products are at least 400 calories. When you consume both of these menu items in one setting, you will have consumed the amount of calories you needed in one day.

Best Loved Dairy Queen Menu Items

 Aside from the Blizzards, other best-loved menu items from Dairy Queen include the sundaes and waffle cones. Others enjoy the burgers while some customers were pleased with the salad and grilled meat choices. The kids who visit Dairy Queen liked the ice cream choices but they were also big fans of the burgers. Overall, the families who visit Dairy Queen mention that they all of their favorite menu items were affordable thanks to the coupons and weekly specials.


How To Save Money At Dairy Queen

Dairy queen menu prices are very reasonable, however its always nice to save money. Here are the best ways to save money at the restaurant.

Use  Coupons

 Coupons for the restaurant can be found in your Sunday newspaper, in food magazines and right from the retailer’s website and these are the best ways of saving money on Dairy Queen items. When you collect  coupons you want to look at the expiration dates so you will sense embarrassment at the store when you try to use the expired coupon. If you obtain coupons from a coupon website, make sure that this website is authorized by Dairy Queen to offer these coupons.

Take Advantage of Weekly Sales

 When you walk inside Dairy Queen, look around the stores for posters that advertise weekly specials. If you don’t see any posters, ask the salesperson if they currently have specials on your favorite Dairy Queen foods such as the sundaes or Blizzards. Sign up for the restaurant’s mailing list so you can receive notices of upcoming weekly specials.

Take Advantage of Senior and Student Discounts

 Depending on the Dairy Queen location you visit, you want to find out if the location you’re visiting offers senior and student discounts and if so, on which days. If you are a military spouse you should inquire about military discounts and if you have children, inquire about kids’ discounts. This is a good way to save money at Dairy Queen. Many don’t realize that they are already entitled to discount Dairy Queen menu prices.

Purchase a Dairy Queen Gift Certificate

 For those who eat out at Dairy Queen every few weeks, you can save money by purchasing a gift certificate for you and the family in the amount of $50 or $100 so that you will spend less money out of pocket every time you walk in the store. When you get a gift certificate the money is already on it and you can spend less time in line trying to gather the money for the items.

Manufacturers’ Coupons

 Periodically you may receive Dairy Queen coupons in your Sunday newspaper and depending on the amount of coupons you get, you can save a lot of money on the restaurant’s items with these coupons in the Sunday newspapers.

Take Advantage of Free Items That Are Offered

 When you hear that Dairy Queen is offering free items during a set number of hours on a certain date, make note of this and bring the family to Dairy Queen on that day so you can get free ice cream and save money. Some restaurant locations offer free items on new products they want customers to try.


 When you use the above mentioned methods to save money at Dairy Queen, you will feel less guilty about going in the store if you are on a tight budget. You also get the chance to try new items that the restaurant has to offer when you get discounts and use coupons.  Using these easy methods can easily slice Dairy Queen menu prices half.

Dairy Queen Coupons

Sunday Newspapers

 Most Sunday newspapers have Dairy Queen coupons and you can find a small handful or a booklet of  coupons. When you take the coupons out the Sunday newspaper, you want to look at the expiration dates because if you go a long time without using them, they will expire. Using these coupons can really lower Dairy Queen menu prices.

Sign Up for E-Mail Newsletters

 Another way to find Dairy Queen coupons is to sign up for e-mail newsletters from Dairy Queen because by doing this you can get coupons and promo codes in your e-mail inbox on a weekly or daily basis. These e-mail newsletters also give you notices of the store’s weekly specials that are going on at the locations in your area.

Coupon Websites

 Dairy Queen coupons can also be found on coupon websites but before you download the coupons you should verify that these websites are authorized to offer Dairy Queen coupons. Print out as many coupons as you need if you visit the restaurant frequently.

Check Out Dairy Queen’s Facebook Page

 Since Dairy Queen has its’ own Facebook page, you can find Coupon offers on this webpage. One way to obtain these coupons is to enter any contests that Dairy Queen has on its Facebook page. Another method is to fill out a survey on this webpage to get coupons. This is also a great way to find up to date Dairy Queen menu prices.

Look Inside Your Bag After Buying Dairy Queens

 Another way to find Dairy Queen coupons is to look inside your bag after you purchase Dairy Queen products because sometimes the salesclerk would give extra coupons along with the items you purchased in the bag.

 Get Coupons from Friends and Relatives

 Another way to find Dairy Queen coupons is to get a few from friend and relatives who collect the latest coupons. Ask them if you can have some of their Dairy Queen coupons in exchange for coupons you have from retailers they visit frequently.

Look Through Consumer Magazines

 Consumer magazines often have Dairy Queen coupons and when you get them, you are able to save money on your favorite Dairy Queen items. When you clip out these coupons, make sure you look at the expiration dates so you can use them as soon as possible.


Dairy Queen is a popular ice cream place and many people enjoy their sundaes and ice cream drinks such as the Blizzard. Coupons save you lots of money each time you go inside Dairy Queen and you can enjoy dessert even if you are on a tight budget. If you enjoyed this article be sure to check out our offer articles on Dairy Queen menu prices and other company information.

About Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is an ice cream store and restaurant that was founded in Kanakee Illinois in 1938 and the first Dairy Queen opened in Joliet Illinois in 1940. In 1949 the ice cream store started putting malts and shakes and in 1951 banana splits became a standard part of the menu. In the 1950s radio advertising for Dairy Queen made its’ debut and this was followed by TV advertising in the following decades. Dairy Queen also has stores in the Middle East and Japan. Dairy Queen’s best-loved items include the Blizzard, milk shakes, chocolate-dipped ice cream in a cone, brownie sundaes and waffle cone sundaes. Since there start Dairy Queen menu prices have always been very reasonable.

 Dairy Queen Menu Items

 As mentioned earlier Dairy Queen menu prices are very fair. The delicious Blizzard and ice cream sundaes are affordable favorites among Dairy Queen customers but there are other menu items that are just as delicious. The bacon cheeseburger has bacon, ketchup, pickles and bacon on it while the iron grilled turkey sandwiches are considered a healthy alternative to the restaurant’s burgers, which add up to 400 calories and heavy doses of sodium. Some customers like the barbecue sandwiches with cole slaw while others were crazy about the brownie sundaes.

Dairy Queen Foods That Are Under 300 Calories

 The small flavored cones with vanilla or chocolate ice cream has 280 calories while the small fruit ice cream sundae contains 230 calories. The mini Blizzard is 290 calories and the Kids’ Size ice cream cone is 230 calories. Grilled chicken dishes on the menu contain less calories than the fried foods on the menu.

Places to Obtain Dairy Queen Bargains

 You can get Dairy Queen bargains by going to Dairy Queen’s website and printing out the promo codes and printable coupons. The site is an easy place to find up to date Dairy Queen menu prices and promotions. You will also find weekly specials in the store when you walk in since you may find better discounts st the store than from the website. Manufacturers’ coupons in your Sunday newspaper also have coupons on Dairy Queen items.

Dairy Queen Kids’ Items

 When you take your kids to Dairy Queen, they may like the ice cream treats but not all the food items and this store has a kids’ menu your kids will like. These foods include chicken strips, applesauce, burgers and fries, the small Blizzard ice cream treat, and mini sundaes.


 Dairy Queen is a longstanding ice cream store that offers a wide variety of items for adults and kids. It symbolizes old school American family life before the rise of the technology-driven society we have today and this store offers a friendly staff that is knowledgeable about the menu. Most Dairy Queen locations are well-kept and each year there are new flavors and products added to the menu. Thanks for visiting Dairy Queen Menu Prices dot com.